Thursday, September 29, 2011

Simple Hairstyles for Party Girls

Going to a party? Gather your hair right! These hairstyles are simply created for the rapid collection for Party Girls to make such installation does not need a lot of time and effort. Special skills are also not required, but the result is simply gorgeous.


Simple but stylish hairstyle looks in a new way thanks to an unusual hairpin terminal. It should be made of metal or hard plastic and it is such hard fix tail. Before laying please use the serum to smooth curls or hair oil then the locks will not be knocked out of the hair. That the tail was indeed on the top, collect the hair, his head thrown back. Scrapie their elastic rubber band, and on top hairpin-clamp.

Low Beam:

Ordinary hair becomes much more interesting if the twist beam a thin elastic band. Gather hair in a ponytail (without tightening strongly) at the base of the neck and then in a spiral and bend the thin strip down one side and the bottom up – to another: will criss-cross. Or try using some elastic rubber bands, securing them along the entire length of hair at the same distance from each other. Now make a pencil, tail wound around its base and fixing bolts.

Cockpit Shell:

Double hoop plus the amount, the apparent negligence – and the simple “shell” turns into a hair of the Greek goddess. The secret is that the front strands framing the face, not packed away in a bunch, and stacked on top of it. You will need texturing spray – Spray it on your hands and then right at the roots with your fingers vzbey hair. Divide them at the back into two parts. Begin laying the bottom half, top kill, while at the crown. Twist hair into a soft harness and make shell. Fix it. Return to top strands: nacheshi them at the roots, slightly zavey ends and then put back over the shells, fixing bolts or varnish. It remains to wear the hoops – one almost on the top, and the second right at the hairline. Slightly shifted it back – hair done!

Asymmetric Tow:

Deliberate negligence styling makes the image ultraseksualnym and at the same time gentle. Gave the hair volume at the roots with a mousse or spray. Apply it with your fingers, chaotically beating hair. Collect them, as if doing a tail – but just one side. Now rolled into a bundle (not too tight to keep the volume), moving diagonally down. When will reach the edge of hair in the other ear, scrapie burn rubber band, wrapped around a pair of strands to hide and fastened the pins. The remaining tips of his fingers lightly vzbey. Please fix the style with hair spray.


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